What're new small packages for craft beer?

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Many craft breweries are looking for new beer packages for takeout business as the coronavirus affects the bar business and people have to quarantine

This situation is increasing the demands of small beer containers, such as 5L mini stainless steel beer keg, tinplate 5L beer barrel, and aluminum beer cans.

Among them, tinplate beer keg and aluminum beer can are a one-way package, mini beer keg is a recyclable package.

5l tinplate beer keg, aluminium beer keg, 5L mini beer keg

There are two problems when breweries turn to these small packages from a stainless steel beer keg.

1. Need the filling machine for mini beer kegs-- Solution Trano supply one-stop service.

2. The MOQ for tinplate keg and aluminum can is too big to accepted by craft breweries.--Solution Trano can realize helpful support.

The 2020 year is what it is. We just have to keep on grinding!