• SSKG-Aluminum beverage can

    SSKG 12oz can (355ml can) and 16oz can (473ml can) are popular for the abroad market.

    We offer a wide range of products as far as beverage cans are concerned. Beverage cans produced are made of aluminum. Our products are suitable for packing beer, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, juices, and mineral water.


    Can sizes:

    • Standard  330 ml can
    • Standard 500ml can
    • Sleek 330ml can
    • Sleek 355ml can
    • 12oz can (355 ml can)  Hot sales 
    • 16oz can ( 473 ml can) Hot sales
    • Slim 250ml can
    • Stubby 250ml can

    Lids: SOT 202 lids /ends


    The lining material:

    - BPA free material

    - Epoxy material


    Blank can MOQ : 1x40HQ containers;

    Printed can MOQ: 500000 PCS


    Production capacity 5.2 Billion pcs /year


    You can also find new aluminum can website: www.aluminum-can.com

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