• Tinplate Beer Keg 5L with integrated Tap

    Tinplate beer kegs become popular for craft brewery especially after coronavirus, people like takeout beer.

    Notice: Tinplate beer keg is also named as a tinplate beer barrel, tinplate beer can, etc...

    Advantages of tinplate beer keg (Tin keg)

    1. The cost of tinplate keg is competitive.

    2. Re-closable top plug valve for 5L tin keg.

    2. Tinplate keg is disposable packing, no need to return it to the brewery.

    3. The production capacity is big and the delivery time is fast.

    4. MOQ is smaller than the Aluminum can and matches the capacity of craft breweries.

    5. Blank tinplate keg MOQ is one pallet (343 pcs).

    6. Custom/Bespoke print designs available MOQ is 1*40HQ container (7000 pcs).

    7. Easy to follow user instructions printed on each Keg.

    8. Injection-molded carry handle available.

    9. Widely Recyclable. Metal Recycles Forever.

    10. If it is your first time choosing tinplate kegs, we also supply a tinplate keg filling machine.

    5L tinplate keg also named as tin keg

    With two valves,Customized logo,Inside coating material is from AKZO Nobel

    There is no need to match beer tap, post, and spear, etc... spare parts.

    It is convenient to use and welcomed by craft breweries.

    We have the 5L tinplate keg beer tap patent, the quality is good and safe.

    The tinplate kegs are filled under pressure. The pressure is from 2.0-2.5 Bar.

    Do want to see the video of how beer poured from a 5L tinplate keg? Contact us today to get a video and a quotation.


    Available size of tinplate beer keg

    650ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 5L tinplate kegs are available. Among them, 5L tinplate kegs are the most popular ones.

    We can send quotations including pictures, loading quantity and delivery time, etc...

    You can find a one-stop service here including tinplate keg and tinplate keg filler.

    Any questions, please feel free to contact us today!

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