How to choose the beer kegs

Types of beer kegs

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When craft breweries want to purchase beer kegs, please notice the following points to save your money!

1. If it is first time to purchase beer kegs, you can ask beer keg manufacturer or supplier to send the keg drawing to you. Which includes all tech data of beer keg, for example, keg weight, keg volumn capacity, thickness of stainless steel, etc...

2. If you already have beer kegs, and have a beer keg washing and filling line with weight system, that means you need to purchase the new beer kegs which drawing need to be same as the drawing of previous beer keg.

Please also focus on beer keg wight, keg volumn capacity, the height between the top chim and the neck, etc... If these keg datas are not same, you can not use the same keg washing and filling line.

It will cause less or filling of beer, even worse chaos.

3. If you need beer keg drawings, send email to, we have drawings in PDF files.