Why beer came out and damaged the keg spear?

Does that mean there are problems with beer keg and spear?

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Help our clients walk out from the filling beer trouble

How to fill beer into the beer keg correctly?

Yesterday, I got a phone call from our client. They filled the beer into beer kegs, but problem came out.

You can see the photo as below. Can you find the problem in the picture?

Yes, I bet you can. Becuase I also marked it with two Orange arrows.

how to fill beer into the beer keg correctly?

It is a headache problem no matter who met with it. But it is easy to fix, when you know the correct ways. So please do not worry, my clients, we will always be with you.

Beer keg filling guide for different keg capacity

Suggested by Micromatic Spear

Beer kge filling guide for different keg capacity

Knock on the blackboard twice here!Please do ask the keg drawing from beer keg manufacturer or supplier. And follow the above guide when filling beer into the kegs.

Spear Knowleadge

No matter which brand the working principle is same. When the beer keg is overfilled and inside pressure of keg is big, spear valve can be damaged to relieve the pressure.

If you have more questions when using beer kegs, you are welcomed to contact us.

We can solve the issue together.