• Slim beer keg 20L

    Slim beer kegs are widely used in breweries, we can also adjust the capacity of beer barrels based on clients' demands.

    Slim keg 20L

    US 1/6 barrel


    Slim 20L keg

    ECO 20L

    ECO 20L keg

  • A slim 20L beer keg, is also known as a "slim" keg because it is easier to store in a refrigerator or cooler.

    In the United States, a slim 20L keg is equivalent to a 1/6 barrel keg, which is a common size for craft beer breweries.

    A 1/6 barrel keg contains approximately 5.16 gallons, or 41.7 pints, of beer. This is roughly equivalent to 53 12-ounce cans of beer.

    The size of a 1/6 barrel keg is perfect for small parties or gatherings, as it provides enough beer for a group of friends without taking up too much space or requiring a large investment.


    Slim 20L kegs are made from stainless steel and are typically equipped with a tap and pressure release valve, allowing you to dispense the beer easily. They are also equipped with a rubber gasket, which helps to maintain the freshness and carbonation of the beer.


    One of the benefits of using a slim 20L keg is that it allows you to enjoy fresh, draft beer at home or at a small gathering. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to serve beer, as you can dispense it directly from the keg rather than having to open individual cans or bottles. Additionally, because the beer is kept under pressure in the keg, it stays fresher and more carbonated than it would if it were stored in cans or bottles.


    Overall, a slim 20L beer keg is a practical and convenient choice for small gatherings or for home brewing. It is a convenient way to enjoy fresh, draft beer without having to invest in a large keg or a draft system.


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