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UK Cask 4.5Gal, 9Gal, 18Gal

Different kinds of branding and labeling options are available. Our customized solution ensure you would be proud to have your own brand on UK Casks
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Stainless steel UK casks are containers used for storing and dispensing cask ale, a traditional type of beer that is naturally carbonated and served at cellar temperature. Cask ale is very popular in the United Kingdom, where it accounts for about 10% of the beer market. Cask ale is also known as real ale, because it undergoes secondary fermentation in the cask and develops complex flavours and aromas.

Stainless steel UK casks are made from either 304 (1.4301) grade or 316-grade stainless steel, which are corrosion-resistant and durable materials that meet American and European testing quality standards. Stainless steel UK casks come in different sizes, ranging from 4.5 gallons (pin) to 22 gallons (kilderkin), but the most common size is 9 gallons (firkin). Stainless steel UK casks can be branded and labelled with different options, such as silk-screen printing, embossing, colour banding, or RFID tags. Some stainless steel UK casks also have features such as drop handles, rubber chimes, or plastic shives and keystones.

Stainless steel UK casks are preferred by many brewers and pub owners because they are easy to clean, sanitize, and reuse. They also protect the beer from light and oxygen exposure, which can spoil the flavour and quality of cask ale. Stainless steel UK casks are compatible with various dispensing systems, such as handpumps, gravity taps, or cask widge devices. Cask widge devices are flexible tubes that allow the beer to be drawn from any level of the cask, reducing wastage and improving hygiene.

Stainless steel UK casks are available from various suppliers, such as The supplier offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and customer service. They also provide rental options for stainless steel UK casks, which can save costs and storage space for breweries and venues. Renting stainless steel UK casks also eliminates the need for tracking, collecting, and returning the containers, as the suppliers take care of these tasks using scanning technology and mobile apps.