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Mini kegs- Party kegs-Beer Growler 2L, 3.6L, 4L, 5L. 10L

Stainless steel mini beer keg

2L 4L 5L 10L mini keg, 64OZ 128OZ beer growler

Tap, spear, post, lock ball connection, co2 regulator of a mini keg and beer growler
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 Growler is also named as MINI beer keg


A beer growler is a type of container that is used to transport draft beer. 


Growlers are typically made of glass or stainless steel and have a capacity of 32oz, 64oz, 128oz, 5L and 10L. They are designed to be filled with fresh draft beer from a tap at a brewery or a bar, and then sealed with a cap or lid to keep the beer fresh until it is consumed.


Growlers are popular among beer enthusiasts because they allow you to take home fresh draft beer from a brewery or bar that may not be available in cans or bottles. They are also a convenient way to enjoy fresh, draft beer at home or on the go.


To use a growler, you simply need to bring it to a brewery or bar that offers growler fills and have it filled with your desired beer. Many breweries and bars have a selection of beers available on tap, so you can choose from a variety of styles and flavors. Once the growler is filled, it should be sealed with a cap or lid and kept refrigerated to maintain the freshness and carbonation of the beer.


One thing to keep in mind when using a growler is that it is important to consume the beer within a few days of filling it, as the freshness and carbonation of the beer can decline over time. It is also a good idea to clean and sanitize the growler before filling it to ensure that it is free of any contaminants that could affect the flavor of the beer.


Overall, a beer growler is a convenient and practical way to transport and enjoy fresh, draft beer. It is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts and is a great way to experience a wide variety of beers from different breweries and bars.





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