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CO2 regulator

A CO2 regulator for beer kegs is a device that controls the flow and pressure of carbon dioxide gas into a keg of beer. It is an essential component of any draft beer system, as it ensures that the beer is properly carbonated and dispensed.
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 A CO2 regulator for beer kegs consists of several parts, such as:


- A CGA-320 inlet connection that attaches to the CO2 tank valve

- A high-pressure gauge that measures the pressure of the CO2 tank

- A low-pressure gauge that measures the pressure of the CO2 line

- An adjustment knob that allows you to set the desired output pressure

- A shut-off valve that stops the flow of CO2 when needed

- A safety relief valve that releases excess pressure if it exceeds a certain limit

- An outlet connection that connects to the CO2 line or a distributor


There are different types and models of CO2 regulators for beer kegs, depending on the number of kegs, the size of the CO2 tank, and the preference of the user. Some common features to look for when choosing a CO2 regulator for beer kegs are:


- Accuracy: The regulator should be able to maintain a consistent and precise output pressure, as small changes can affect the quality and taste of the beer.

- Durability: The regulator should be made of sturdy and corrosion-resistant materials, such as brass or chrome-plated brass, to withstand high pressure and frequent use.

- Ease of use: The regulator should have a large and easy-to-adjust knob, a clear and easy-to-read gauge, and a convenient shut-off valve.

- Safety: The regulator should have a reliable and tested safety relief valve that can prevent overpressurization and potential damage to the equipment or injury to the user.


A CO2 regulator for beer kegs is a vital tool for any homebrewer or bar owner who wants to serve fresh and delicious draft beer. By choosing a high-quality and suitable regulator, you can ensure that your beer is always carbonated and dispensed at the optimal level.


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