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Beer Tap, Beer Faucet

A beer tap, also known as a beer faucet, is a device that allows you to dispense beer from a keg or a kegerator into your glass. It consists of a shank, which connects the beer line to the keg, and a faucet, which acts as a valve to control the flow of beer. 

The faucet has a lever that you pull to open the valve and release the beer, and push back to close the valve and stop the beer.

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There are different types of beer taps and faucets available, depending on your preferences and needs. 


- Standard faucets: These are the most basic and common faucets, made of chrome-plated brass or stainless steel. They are easy to use and clean, but they can cause foaming if the beer is not poured at the right angle or pressure.

- Perlick faucets: These are forward-sealing faucets, which means they have a ball and o-ring mechanism that prevents air from entering the faucet when it is closed. This prevents bacteria and mold growth, as well as reduces foaming and dripping. They are more expensive than standard faucets, but they are more durable and sanitary.

- Flow control faucets: These are faucets that have a knob or lever that allows you to adjust the flow rate of the beer. This can help you pour different styles of beer with different carbonation levels, as well as reduce foaming and waste. They are more complex and expensive than standard faucets, but they offer more flexibility and control.

- Nitro faucets: These are faucets that have a restrictor plate or disc that creates small bubbles when dispensing nitrogenated beers, such as stouts and porters. This gives the beer a creamy and smooth texture and appearance. They are specially designed for nitro beers, and cannot be used for regular carbonated beers.


Choosing the right beer tap and faucet for your homebrewing setup can enhance your beer drinking experience and enjoyment. You should consider factors such as your budget, your preferred beer styles, your dispensing system, and your cleaning and maintenance habits when selecting your beer tap and faucet.

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