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Beer Keg Two Heads Washer TRCA2-22E-T-H-1

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Product Description
1、It is use the Siemens PLC200 controller and Schneider ,Taiwan AirTAC solenoid valve,pump is Chinese Yuehua.
2、The cleaning process adds unique hot caustic washing and steam sterilization function .  
3、The whole machine use the stainless steel AISI304. Pipeline welding uses German automatic pipe welding equipment, one-time welding double-sided forming.
Washing working procedure:
Pressing → air blowing/drain off →  city water washing → air blowing/drain off → hot caustic washing → air blowing/to caustic box → rinse water washing→ air blowing/drain off → hot water 1 washing → air blowing/drain off → hot water 2 washing → air blowing/ drain off → steam sterilized(drain off) → steam keep pressure sterilized → CO2 blowing/drain off →CO2 pressure filling