Beer keg filling machine TRF2-T-N

Beer keg filling machine TRF2-T-N

1. Siemens S7-200 controller and TD 400C test display, easy to

adjust sytem parameteres, easy to operate.

2. Using Germany Brukert flowmeter, can achieve precise

quantitative filling, effective to reduce loss of beer

3. Independent CIP cleaning system, and unique isobaric filling


4. The entire device adopts the stainless steel 304 material
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Product description:


1、 Easily control. ML-F1M has a single filling and pressure working system.


2、 The controller use SIEMENS PLC-200 and TD400C touch screen. Buttons and knobs use Schneider.


3、 It‘s pipes can be washing by CIP system.


4、 With Germany Burket flowmeter in each filling station.Set volume in touch screen.


Working Procedure:


Pressing→ CO2 Spare Pressing→ Filling until arrive at setting parameter→Stop