4 stations Beer can filling machine

4 stations Beer can filling machine

4-4 Beer canning line-Trano 4 station can filler

Four filling station
Filling 1800 cans/hour
All functions: Pre-rinser-Filling- Can sealing- Rear Spray
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The 4 stations beer can filling machine is a device that can automatically fill beer cans with high efficiency and quality. It is suitable for small and medium-sized craft breweries that want to package their products in cans. The machine consists of four main parts: the can rinser, the filler, the lid dropper, and the seamer.


The can rinser cleans the cans before filling, using water or air to remove any dust or impurities. The filler fills the cans with beer, using a double pre-evacuation counter pressure filling system that minimizes dissolved oxygen and preserves the flavor and freshness of the beer. The lid dropper places a lid on top of each can after filling, using a sensor probe to detect the fill height and an under lid gassing system to create a protective layer of CO2. The seamer seals the cans with a four-head rotary seamer that ensures a tight and reliable closure.


The 4 stations beer can filling machine can process different sizes and formats of cans, ranging from slim 180ml to standard 500ml even 1L, and can handle not only beer, but also carbonated beverages and wine. The machine has a compact design that saves space and is easy to transport. The machine can fill up to 16 cans per minute, depending on the can size and product type. The machine is also easy to operate and clean, with a simple fill speed control, a manual valve manifold, a manual height adjustment system, and a closed CIP circuit.


The 4 stations beer can filling machine is an ideal partner for craft beverage makers who want to offer their customers a convenient and attractive packaging option. The machine combines cost-efficient filling technology with high filling quality and flexibility, making it a smart investment for the low output range.



Can filler/ Can filling machine


A can filler is a machine that is used to fill cans with liquid, typically beer, soda, or other types of beverages.


Can fillers are an important part of the beverage industry, as they enable companies to efficiently and accurately package and distribute their products. There are several different types of can fillers available, each of which is designed to meet the specific needs of different types of beverages and production environments.


How many types of can filler?


One common type of can filler is a gravity filler, which uses the force of gravity to fill the cans. Gravity fillers are typically used for lower viscosity liquids, such as beer and soda, and are known for their simplicity and reliability. They consist of a series of filling tubes that are positioned above the cans, with the liquid being gravity-fed into the cans through the tubes. As the cans are filled, a sensor detects when they are full and shuts off the flow of liquid.


Another type of can filler is a pressure filler, which uses pressurized gas to force the liquid into the cans. Pressure fillers are generally more suitable for higher viscosity liquids, such as juices and other thick beverages, and are often used in applications where precise filling is important. Pressure fillers typically consist of a pressurized vessel that holds the liquid, with the liquid being forced into the cans through a series of tubes and nozzles.


In addition to gravity fillers and pressure fillers, there are also several other types of can fillers available, including counter-pressure fillers, volumetric fillers, and net weight fillers. Counter-pressure fillers use a combination of pressure and gravity to fill the cans, while volumetric fillers use a predetermined volume to fill the cans to a specific level. Net weight fillers, on the other hand, use a scale to accurately measure the weight of the liquid being filled and adjust the filling process accordingly.



How does the can filler work?


Regardless of the type of can filler being used, the filling process typically involves several steps. First, the empty cans are placed on a conveyor belt and transported to the filling station. Next, the cans are cleaned and sanitized to ensure that they are free of contaminants. The cans are then filled with the liquid and sealed, with the filling and sealing process being automated to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Finally, the filled cans are labeled and packaged for distribution.


In conclusion, can fillers are machines that are used to fill cans with liquid, typically beer, soda, or other types of beverages. There are several different types of can fillers available, including gravity fillers, pressure fillers, counter-pressure fillers, volumetric fillers, and net weight fillers. The filling process involves several steps, including cleaning and sanitizing the cans, filling and sealing the cans, and labeling and packaging the filled cans for distribution.


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