Beer keg / Can washing and filling machines

    We supply beer keg cleaning and filling machines, can filling and sealing machine. All machines are equipped with famous brand accessories.

    The 4 stations can be filling and sealing machines were sold to America, the feedback is great. It can solve the home distribution sales channel and takeaway business. Europe clients have bought fully automatic keg cleaning and filling lines. You can read our accessories suppliers as follow names.


    Mani Accessories famous suppliers in the world:

    Siemens, Schneider Electric, E+H, FESTO/SMC, JUMO, ESG, YUANAN ETC... PARTNERS

    aluminum can filling machine

    Automatic four stations beer can filling machine

    beer/beverage can filling machine

    Keg washing and filling machine

    Beer Keg Washing And Filling Machine

    Popular machines in USA market

    Automatic beer keg filling line

    Automatic keg washing and filling line

    Fully automatic, including weighting system

  • Washing the working procedure:
    Pressing→air blowing/drain off→water washing→air blowing/drain off→hot caustic washing→air blowing/to caustic box→hot water1 washing→air blowing/drain off→hot water2 washing→steam blowing/drain off →co2 blowing/drain off→co2 pressure preparing→cylinder return

    Filling working procedure:
    Pressing→steam to sterilize keg spear→CO2/drain off →open the spear→co2 pressure preparing→filling→close the spear→hot water washing spear surface→steam/drain off→cylinder return

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