· Beer Kegs

Beer keg price depends on the price of raw material and types of the beer keg.

Types of beer kegs

  • 1/2 beer barrel
  • 1/4 beer barrel
  • 1/6 beer barrel
  • Euro keg 20L
  • Euro keg 25L
  • Euro keg 30L
  • Euro keg 50L
  • Mini beer keg 2L, 3.6L, 4L
  • Mini keg 5L, 10L
  • Mini beer keg is also named as beer growler by some clients, they love mini kegs very much.
  • DIN beer keg 20L
  • DIN beer keg 30L
  • DIN beer keg 50L
  • Corney keg 9.5L
  • Corney keg 19L


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