• 1 liter aluminum cans

    1000ml aluminum cans and SOT 209 can ends is a good choice for canned beer

    1L aluminum cans
    1000ml beer can, 1000ml aluminum can

    New arrival: Aluminum can 1000ml

    We supply regular standard aluminum cans and ends, this year we developed new 1000ml aluminum cans which is super suits for beer packing soluciton.

    We will explain the benefits of choosing our printed 1000ml cans with SOT 209 B64 can ends, and how you can place your order with us.


    One of the main advantages of using 1 liter aluminum cans is that they are lightweight, recyclable and durable. They can protect your beverages from light, oxygen and bacteria, ensuring a longer shelf life and a better taste. They are also easy to transport, store and display, saving you costs and space.


    Another benefit of choosing our printed 1000ml cans is that you can customize them with your own design and logo. We use high-quality printing technology that can produce vivid colors and sharp images on the aluminum surface. You can also choose from different finishes, such as matte, glossy or metallic, to suit your brand identity and style.


    Other printed smaller aluminum cans, the MOQ need more than 300000 pcs, but the MOQ of the pinted 1 liter aluminum cans is 1x40HQ container, it is 42240pcs. We offer small order quantity for our printed 1000ml cans.


    This means that you can order as few as 42240 pieces per design, which is much lower than the industry average. This way, you can test the market demand for your products, or launch limited edition or seasonal flavors without wasting money or materials.



    Why do you need 1 liter aluminum cans?

    Our printed 1000ml cans come with SOT 209 B64 can ends, which are standard for most beverage products. These can ends are easy to open and reseal, and they have a smooth rim that prevents injuries or spills. They are also compatible with most filling machines and equipment, making your production process more efficient and convenient.


    If you are interested in ordering our printed 1000ml cans with SOT 209 B64 can ends, you can contact us through our website or email. We will provide you with a free quote and a sample of your design. We have a fast turnaround time and a competitive price, and we guarantee the quality and safety of our products.


    We hope that this blog post has given you some useful information about our 1 liter aluminum cans and our small order quantity option.


    We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you grow your beverage business. 

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    We supply all beverage and beer aluminum can and ends you need.


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