How to import can filler from China

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Can filler becomes popular for craft breweries.

How to import can filler from China?

1. Firstly, you need to know what kind of can filler do you need?

For craft breweries, the filling capcity from 500 cans /hour to 1800 cans/ hour is suitable.

2. If you are from US market or Canada market? You need factory supply the machines with UL certified spare parts. For European market, need CE certificate to make import customs clearance.

Please make sure that the supplier can supply UL or CE according to your demands before purchasing.

3. You can tell the supplier filling capacity of machine you need.

4. Supplier will send you the suitable can filling machines price/quotation, tech data, spare parts brands (please notice the famous brand spare parts will be a little more expensive, the quality is more stable), working videos, etc...

5. Please do not forget the check the dissolved Oxygen of the can filler.

6. After checking the above 5 items, you can place order to the can filler supplier.

7. Suppliers produce and update the production situation.

8. Supplier package the can filler/can filling machine with ply-wood box

9. Ship cargo and send the handbook of the can filler to buyers.

10. Can filler arrived, suppleir can guide buyer to install and using the machine through online app.

Due to corona virus, we can guide clients through oneline app.

11. Everything is smoothly. Bingo Craft breweries can fill the beer using can filler now!

Can filler inquiry please send to

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