Do you know what is the meaning of IPA beer

IPA beer

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What is IPA beer?

1. IPA stands for:

India Pale Ale

2. Back in the day, IPAs that were brewed in England and shipped to India tasted most like:

Malt, because the hop aromas were long gone after the long journey at sea

3. One of the IPA's many variations is the Black IPA. Another name for this subtype is:

Cascadian Dark Ale

4. An IPA is best drunk:

As fresh as possible, so all its hop flavours are still there


5. The best thing to eat when drinking IPA is:

A salty dish, because that will ease the bitters, meaning you can taste the other flavours in the beer better

6. IPAs are known for their luscious hop flavours. The beer has these aromas because the brewer:

Boils the hops for as short a time as possible during brewing

7. One of the latest innovations in IPA is the NEIPA, which is generously dry-hopped. Packed with hop flavours, low in bitters. What does NEIPA mean?

New England India Pale Ale

8. IPA is mainly hops. Is that the most expensive ingredient?

Yes, because it’s a delicate plant and labour-intensive to harvest

9. Do you need a beard to enjoy IPA?


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